World's First IP68 Industrial Pi Case

Waterproof Raspberry Pi Case

Shellshock is the first IP68 waterproof raspberry pi enclosure that balances security, functionality and style so you can leverage the power of SBCs in any environment.

Major Update!

We owe a huge thank you to all of our early adopters who have sold out our first and second production runs. We know a lot of you are out there waiting for your turn and we thank you for your patience. The response has been overwhelming and rest assured our team has expanded to cope with the demand and everyone who has applied to be part of our production runs will be contacted shortly!

The Only Case You'll Ever Need

Our rugged IP68 rated design is purpose built for industry, enabling you to leverage the power, versatility and reliability of single board computers and microelectronics in the harshest of environments. The waterproof raspberry pi case is providing your team a viable alternative to expensive industrial computers.

What Is Shellshock?

Shellshock is the next stage of single-board computer evolution. Shellshock takes the versatility, flexibility and affordability of SBCs and applies it to the harshest environments.


IP68 rated to keep your electronics safe from ingress


Built tough to handle the harshest environments

Handles Multiple SBCs

Raspberry Pis, NVIDIA Jetson, Custom PCBs etc.

Handles The Heat

Tested in the hottest climates of Australia

Handles The Cold

Handles sub zero temperatures with ease

Secure Cabling

Run cabling to your SBC without affecting the IP rating

We are taking orders!

Shellshock is here and we are now taking staged orders in line with our production runs! Fill out the form to get on the list for our upcoming production run.

Design Finalised

After months of industrial design iteration, consultation with our engineers and testing we uncovered the perfect design

Stress Testing

First cases arrive and are immediately stress tested to analyse performance in response to water, heat, vibration & shock

Trademark Secured

Having passed stress testing with flying colours, we secure the Shellshock trademark

Low Quantity Production

Small batch of cases ordered for more extensive market testing

Early Bird Testing

Distributing the cases to shortlisted early birds for extensive testing and feedback

First Production Run

Our first production run fully sold out before they arrived! Thank you to all those who acted quickly.

Second Production Run

Again, we rapidly sold out within moments of advertising!

Third Production Run

Our third production run is planned for early to mid next year, reach out to get your chance to secure your cases!

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